Charles and Linda Doomes are retired Law Enforcement, who love to cook and shared the dream of owning their own business creating good fresh tasty food. They both have cooking in their blood. Linda's Grandfather was a chef in Barbados where he was born. Charles's father is a chef and former Restaurateur.  Linda loves to bake and Charles loves to make all kinds of foods, especially barbeque. One day Linda told Charles she wanted to start a Quiche business. Charles was not on board, he wondered why quiche? Linda Explained that she has been making quiche since she was a teenager. Charles said, "well if we are going to make quiche, I want to make a Barbeque Quiche". Linda wasn't thrilled but agreed. Charles created a very tasty Barbeque Quiche. They ask the Lord for his blessings and took a leap of faith and began their business," EGGCELLENT QUICHE".  

 Love & Blessings

– Linda & Charles

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